About Overton Farm

In 1815, Abner Overton traveled from North Carolina into the Mississippi Territory (to what is now Cherokee, Alabama) to sell tobacco. He returned in 1817 and decided to remain in what would become Franklin County due to the availability of natural resources, fertile soil, and water supplied by Bear Creek. He registered 160 acres on the south side of the big bend in Bear Creek, located three miles west of what is Hodges, Alabama today. The farm remained in the Overton family until 1969, when it was acquired by TVA as part of the Bear Creek Water Control Project. After the purchase of the farm, TVA converted it into an educational center. It served as an educational center until the early 2000s, when the center was closed. After sitting vacant for many years the main meeting facility was renovated in 2022 to serve as an events center and provide a picturesque setting for events of all kinds, as well as to once again be able to host educational groups looking to explore the nature and history of the area.